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March 7, 2013
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Finding a good electrician training program is difficult. Especially start your career towards becoming an electrician. Programs with any real value are few and far between. That is if you are looking to become an actual electrician and not just work for one. There is a huge difference between the two.Many programs lure people in with the image of becoming a highly paid “certified electrician”. At best you will be better prepared than someone without training for an entry-level job. That isn’t worth the price tag on some programs out there. You don’t need anything to be entry-level.

1) They Say you’ll be Certified
2) The “Hands-On” Training Areas Look like a Movie Set
3) The Instructors Aren’t Electricians
4) You Have to Get Your Tools from Them
5) The Program is too broad

June 14, 2013
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Air Conditioning Installation Guide

With the start of summer season the room starts getting hot and it becomes very hard to live in the room and work. This is the condition of almost every home and office and the one solution is the cooler but they create moisture inside the room which again affects the normal working. As the room temperature increases the electricity bill goes high because of lots of fans and cooler operating inside the room but still we don’t get the required cool temperature suitable for our daily work. This is the common problem and solution is one, the air conditioning installation.

There are lots of benefits with the air conditioners. You don’t need to every time stand up and set them because they come with timers and remote control using which you can simply control them from anywhere in the room. You need to set them once and then they will adjust themselves automatically. These days few air conditioners come with automatic climate control feature as well that means you don’t need to set even the climate. Earlier air conditioner costs high and the electricity bills were also high but these days the air conditioners are energy efficient and they don’t affect the electricity bills by a huge margin. If you are using lots of fans and coolers in your home or office then air conditioning installation can save you money by limiting the electricity bill.

Installation Guide

Now if you have made your mind of setting up the air conditioner in your home or office then you need to look out certain points which will guide you throughout the air conditioning installation process. This guide will help you in determining required do’s and Don’ts.

First, Air Conditioner Location Selection

This is the first important thing which comes with the installation guide that is you need to search for the location in your room where the air conditioner will be set up. If it is a window air conditioner then you need to make sure that the window is large enough so that air conditioner can be set up there and if it is the split air conditioner then you need to provide it space on the wall and on your roof for the outer unit. Before selecting the location, make sure that there is no obstacle in its air flow way otherwise it will block the air from being circulated in the room. You must check that the base of the outer unit is strong enough to carry on its weight. You should also look to add cover so that it is safe from rain. Also make sure that the outer cover doesn’t come in the way of its heating unit.

Second, Pipe and Wires Connections

Make sure that all the pipes which are connected with the air conditioner doesn’t have any leakage and check the connecting wires as well. Wires should be covered with an extra protecting layer so that it doesn’t come in contact with the pipes. Also make sure that the wires and pipe connections are fixed strongly to the wall.

Third, Installation

If you are fixing the air conditioner on more height then you must ensure that the base is made strong otherwise strong wind or any other thing can damage the unit as well as the base. Make sure that the air conditioner is fixed firmly and it doesn’t move physically from the base. If the air conditioner is fixed inside the room then keeps the height of the unit as mentioned in the installation guideline which comes with the unit. Also make sure that the unit is checked with the water leveler so that it is fixed firmly and correctly otherwise water will come out of it and split in the room. When the air conditioner unit will work then it will create vibrations so make sure its base is strong enough to handle those vibrations.

Last, Test it

Once the air conditioning installation is done then do not forget to test it. Check all the wires, pipes, base, etc., again to be on the safe side.

So this is how you can do the air conditioning installation in your home or office. Now you can plug in its power cable and have the cool fresh air.

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June 11, 2013
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What Can You Learn With Electrician Training Courses?

Electricians are an important part of the modern world order. Not only do they bring light to our doorsteps, they also keep us safe from accidents, most of which can be potentially lethal. Hence, it can be seen that a deft electrician should always be the choice as this is serious business. This very logic makes it extremely difficult for new ….

June 8, 2013
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An Insight Into Electrician Training

If youre a journey level electrician and youd like to take some advanced electrician courses, you might want to consider some that will train you for inspection, especially as the world of green energy support advances in the United Kingdom and around the world.

One of these UK electrician courses is called Electrical Installation Testing and is a short course that can be completed in one day. The course ….